Atsiekpoe and Stepping Stones for Africa

The Atsiekpoe Community Development Initiative is spearheaded by the Stepping Stones for Africa Foundation (SSFA) who works in partnership with Jolinaiko Eco Tours on bringing development and community welfare to ecotourism destinations in Ghana. Initiatives are community driven and communities play a major role in decision making during each phase of the project.

SSFA is active since 2006, but decided to rejuvenate the organization in 2014 by attracting new board members, who are living and working in Ghana are therefore more connected to the West-African context. Furthermore, SSFA adapted a new strategy whereby they operate in a public-private partnership with Jolinaiko Eco Tours. The mission of this partnership is to provide stepping stones-like guidance, expertise, inspiration and funding for community-initiated development initiatives in eco-tourism destinations in West Africa.

SSFA has been working with Atsiekpoe for many years and together they realized household latrines, ecotourism infrastructure and sanitary for the Vome Methodist Primary School. Based on these positive experiences, Atsiekpoe was selected as their first partner community under their new strategy for community development.

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